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Since i pretty much emptied the Hardrive on the laptop the clicking noise i was hearing has stopped....

So now what? =/
Apprently hard drive in laptop is failing cus its making clicky noices :( so its on sleep mode till i can get external drive to move everything over. Then when i have the $ hopefully put more RAM and new harddrive with hopefully win 7 on it into laptop. :) wish me luck and Happy New Year :3
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Here it is from the Stash:

Hupe Part Update WIP

Now with icchan85202 's Miranda Saucer I can update these parts even more. :)

No need for anyone to chip in Im just showing what I been working on and letting people know what im planning on in the future :)
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Welp i really screwed the F up.... Waaaah! 

It wasn't the side view of the Miranda that didn't match height wise it was the front.... No, I disagree! :( (Sad) 

I'll be redoing almost everything then. I think I've fainted. 

Sorry bout dat Waaaah!

Be restarting it tomorrow after im back from my Morning job then add the smaller details that needed corrected like the saucer deflector mounts and get the front view into better shape once thats done do the same for any designs I made that need reworked AGAIN :( then hopefully finally get everything in place so I can get back to making new designs that wont trigger my OCD.
Sadly Part 1 is stuck in a zip file i cant decrypt cus I forgot the password and Part 4 was started but not finished. Might finish it someday :) Hope you Enjoy ^_^……
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heres all the files from the now defunct site provided to me from

only missing ones are the Aliens (Klingon for example and shuttles :)
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If you want to contribute to my Birthday fun :)

Heres my paypal link :)

mostly use it for Pokemon or MLP CCG stuff i guess :)
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So where based on the 24th Century Star Trek Universe would you put a Pokemon Gym?

Should I use canon ones or just make them up?
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Kaiser Ship Yards is making ships named after 3 Pokemon Characters cus its both Star Trek's 50th and Pokemon's 20th in the future. The logo for those will have a special one for the one for the Battle group of 3 Ships :)

Now what should I call that Group choices below:

Ash-Tachi (ships of thier English name


Satoshi-Tachi (ships of thier Japanese Name

if you dont know what it means -Tachi is japanese for (name) and Company.
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Enjoy :)
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Enjoy :)

I didnt built any I just bought them off ebay and few other places :)
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first art is a Female Pikachu Anthro girl art that was made for a fanfic way back then i think she had a Green shirt on and blue pants

second is a 3 page i think comic where James had a sex change but still stays with Jessie and Meowth and Brock asks her out on a date but his mind blows when he realized it was James and he faints or something.
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Does Anyone have them?

I need them for Part 2 of a art project :)
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There mostly for Forum sigs and such but you can use them how you like :) Youre Welcome Llama Signs 

If you got Idea's for more Do tell me here or in a PM :cute pencil: 

If theres a way to make these out of real cloth and metal or plastic bits like real ones Please do and send me some!! :bademoticon:

If your making some profit off my work please send me at least 25% of your money profits or at least hook me up with some Pokemon or MLP CCG stuff? :bademoticon:  Pokeball Wub :bademoticon: :bademoticon:

Also Thanks for all the favs can somepony recommend a good MLP:FiM based forum? preferably one thats ok with "Adult or Mature" stuff but is mostly doesnt have that as main focus? Vinyl Scratch The DJ PON-3 

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Mostly cus new job only pays the bills and my Win7 PC only has 2GB of RAM =/

Still working on MLP FiM Fan Ribbons hoping i'll be done when Season 5 starts :)

currently in the planning stages for:

Total Refit of my Kitbash design USS GADGET HACKWRENCH NX-1989

as seen here by me :…

and done by Capt. Shade as a TMP era vessel:…

the refit would keep it looking like a late 23rd or 24th century design but no Phaser Strips still :)

and New Chandley + Miranda + Oberth + other fandom class kit-bash design named after a certain pony of Smartness Twilight Sparkle

total redo design wise of my Slappy Squirrel Class ship seen here:…

Might make it a unscaled and up gunned Adamant class ship

Adamant Class seen here :…

and designs friends asked me to do on Paint like Ryo-ohki's Ship form from Tenchi Muyo and a up teched version of the Enterprise 1701-B…

read this in its entirety and :

Watch out if you make $ of fan arts for stuff like MLP FiM he will report you to Hasbro
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First off its a nice friendly place:

There a gift to all my friends on there I've known since 2007 :)

If you have idea's for new ones let me know and if its not terra-bad IMHO i'll add it to the rest :)
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